There’s no two ways about it, superhero movies are big money. And why wouldn’t they be? Think about it. They take pre-existing characters, already storyboarded, toss in a plot that has lots of explosions, add a few big-name actors, and there you go. People will pay their hard-earned money for this experience, regardless of quality. […]

Sir Patrick Stewart Just for Laughs Montreal

Sir Patrick Stewart is many things to many people. Royal Skakespeare Company veteran, Knight of the Order of the British Empire, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Twitter phenom, Sir Ian McKellen’s BFF. Now you can add raunchy standup comic to that increasingly growing list. Wednesday night, Stewart hosted a gala at Just for Laughs and made his […]


Imagine a room full of pleasantly drunk people, chanting in primal grunts and stomping the floor, with a middle-aged man mumbling the word ‘rap’ over and over again, as a naked Black Jewish man dances seductively in a comedy club located in an attic on Bishop street. Just keep that image at the back of your […]


The number of pipeline proposals for Northwest BC that big oil companies have been making is astounding. Enbridge Pipeline, PNG Pipeline Looping Project, Pacific Northern Gas, Pacific Trails Pipeline, Coastal GasLink, Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project, Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project… Some resources say there’s at least 11 of these proposals. The environmental concerns of […]

Mouth of girl who asks for silence with gesture

“Life is Short. Have an Affair.” Ashley Madison, the world’s leading married dating service for discreet casual sexual encounters between married people, has been hacked and now the clients’ real names, usernames, addresses, emails, nude photos, sexually explicit chat logs, and list of deep dark sexual fantasies are being leaked. Over 37,890,000 anonymous members from […]