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To kick off ASK CAT, a new monthly advice column on FTB, Cat McCarthy dared her Facebook friends to ask her anything about Sex, Dating, Politics, Art, Feminism, Activism, LGBTQ issues, Drugs, Culture, etc. We published the first three responses and now the rest. Now, it’s your turn. ASK CAT anything: Dear Cat, What […]


Panelists Samantha Gold and Enzo Sabbagha discuss Jian Ghomeshi’s  second trial, the latest bathroom laws in the US and the Montreal festival season at its start. Plus the Community Calendar and Predictions! Host: Jason C. McLean Producer: Hannah Besseau Production Assistant: Enzo Sabbagha Panelists Samantha Gold : FTB Legal Columnist Enzo Sabbagha: Musician, Podcast Production Assistant * Ghomeshi and Bathroom […]

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Quebec politicians desiring of success must be in want of the support of the French speaking majority. There is no clearer demonstration of this than the Couillard government’s intention to modify Quebec’s existing language laws. On May 3rd of this year, Culture Minister Hélène David announced modifications to […]