The first time I saw Takami Nakamoto, was at last years Mutek Montreal. He was presenting his another project Late Speculations by Nonotak Studio, co-founded by Noemi Schipfer.  I was immediately drawn in by the visual quality of the light installation, see-trough textiles and two projectors. Interesting to see, yet a bit more challenging to photograph. This year, the artist […]

On Sunday night, while some of you were in the comfort of your home mesmerized by how Missy Elliott stole the Super Bowl half-time show or getting ready for the start of the week, a small crowd of courageous Montrealers headed to the Igloofest. With a similar amount of layers to an astronaut suit we headed […]

They say that a single photo is worth a thousand words, and 2014 has been a year of many photos! To celebrate the new year, here’s a review of the old one through the lenses of FTB’s photographers. Enjoy this beautiful gallery that will show to you 2014 in photos! Click on the photo above […]