Remember January 1st 2000? Or December 21st 2012? Those were supposed to be the End Of Days, the Apocalypse. I am no Nostradamus but I have a prediction, a new arbitrary date for the end of the world. November 8, 2016. Civilization as we know it will crumble, only the rich and slithering will survive. […]


“My bitch found a porn that I made with some other bitch back in the day. It was crazy, we were doing some award winning cartwheel 69 shit. She watched the whole damn thing and it ruined our relationship,” very loudly says one douche bro to another passing by in a dark parking lot where […]


I have never been good at saying NO. I am a people pleaser, I want everyone to be happy and will do whatever I can to help that process. Sometimes you can give everything and not save any of that kindness or care for your own damn self. I have deserted myself, left my own […]

me and tiff kids

How Can a Woman Feel Safe When Men are like Brock Turner? Brock Turner you are what is wrong with this world… I remember his name but not his victim. Every woman is hurt when a man gets off easy. Just like every black person is hurt when a cop gets off clean after an […]

work out 1

I have recently lost some weight, I do not know how much because I have vowed to not step on a scale ever again. Everyone has a comment. Other things I vowed to never do again are eat meat, shave my legs or pits, or wear a bra daily. None of these things are for […]

riding bikes at night

The main problem with my life is that I am afraid of falling. I used to jump off of swings and fly through the air. Now I ride a tricycle so I don’t fall off of it. I only regret the things I haven’t climbed. I know I have missed out on beautiful views because […]