If you’re a fan of engaging, progressive indie rock, consider heading out to Quai des Brumes this coming Thursday November 8th to see the Maritime-born Coyote play. Featuring a line-up of boys that all hail either from Prince Edward Island or Nova Scotia, Coyote is an emerging group full of youth and talent. The five-piece formed roughly two years ago in Charlottetown, P.E.I, and they bring a Maritime rock element to their danceable indie-flavoured tunes.


Here we are, day two of POP Montreal, what to see, what to see??

At 2pm on the 20th, there’s a free show at Citizen Vintage (5330 Boulevard Saint-Laurent). Starting things off will be the Tontons, with their catchy, soulful and bluesy tunes, fronted by a very talented vocalist. Also rocking a captivating singer is NOIA, a newly-duoed project based on eclectic beats and interactive live performances…

Cora Kim

The night of Cora Kim’s CD launch was a classy affair, with a sense of quiet, composed beauty filling the room. Candles and small dishes of exotic candies were scattered around the room, and Cora Kim’s merch table included a few beautiful handmade necklaces alongside her albums. After Doc’trin’s masterful spinning to warm up the […]

Blood Ballet Just For Laughs 21

In a small tent near Place Des Arts, something sexy is happening. The playful Blood Ballet Cabaret is on, this small troupe of talented performers baring themselves for a surprisingly tame-looking assemblage of round, white-topped tables. The MC of the night is a tall transvestite named Sherwin. Adorably uncomfortable with his French, he nonetheless makes a valiant effort, reading his cue cards closely, stumbling over words and blushing once or twice when applauded…


In the old fashioned opulence of the National, we were treated to a new take on the literal underdogs of the circus scene: the ‘undermen’ of Undermän. Though a Swedish term, the name works perfectly in English, too. An undermän is the stable part of an acrobatic duo, that is to say the one responsible for the heavy lifting. The three main performers in this piece by Cirkus Cirkör are all ‘undermen’ who have lost their partners and are now trying to readjust and reinvent themselves in the wake of this shift…

Yuksek at Sala Rosa - Photo Pascale Yensen

Though our bodies were warmed by the heat of the night and the heat of other people packed into Sala Rossa, we all needed a good opener to warm up our booties. Local act DJ Cherry Cola, who has a long history of working alongside big names, did the job for us nicely, spinning originals and remixes with a good sense of timing. His peaks were always satisfying, his bass was heavy, and he left the crowd bouncing and smiling, ready for the night’s headliner. Sweat was already pouring down the foreheads and the backs of most of the crowd, at it was about to get a lot worse. Or better, depending on how you look at it. ..