Station 16, the Montreal art gallery specializing in street art and graffiti, fell victim to an art heist that happened over the weekend. The gallery’s creative director broke the news in a blog post on the Station 16 website, saying that over $50 000 worth of original artwork, prints and computer equipment was taken from […]

heavy mtl

One of the heaviest music festivals in North America happened last weekend. Mike Gwilliam and Dawn McSweeney offer their impressions of some of the acts they caught on Saturday’s edition of Heavy MTL. Mike Gwilliam: Heavy MTL is, in my opinion, one of the best heavy metal festivals in North America and possibly the best […]


This Friday Cabaret Underworld is hosting the third edition of OCHO, a collaboration and a celebration of eight unique successful individuals who will deliver an exceptionally audio visual dynamic night and of course an interactive experience. We want to send you there! ForgetTheBox is teaming up with Tyler & Sally to give away two sets of four tickets for the party. So come get your dance on…

NXNE Plants and Animals-101

ForgetTheBox wants to welcome a new music site to the Blogosphere: This new site is being run by IndieMontreal and will focus on cool shows and concert going on outside of Montreal. We don’t normally publish much french content on FTB but we thought you should know, so here is one of their first articles. They will also be operating an awesome listing section to find out what hot bands will be playing in le banlieue!


What do you do when your funding gets cut for purely political reasons? Simple. A few of your friends and supporters get together, put on a show and invite a few hundred of their friends to come and help you make some of that money back. That’s exactly what several performers and friends of STELLA, the sex workers’ rights organization that recently had a large portion of their budget removed by Harper’s Conservatives, are doing tonight. And they’re doing it twice, back to back…


The following is an open letter signed by 109 Chilean student leaders and academics: The undersigned Chilean academics and student leaders denounce before the national and international public opinion the persecution of the Quebec student movement in Canada, as expressed in Bill 78, enacted on Thursday May 19 by the Provincial Government of Premier Jean Charest. Bill 78, the “truncheon law”, is the most severe piece of legislation…