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Grace Mitchell Grace Mitchell has always had a love for all things creative and pop culture related. Watching movies new and old, hearing great music and enjoying all of the artistic talent that happens in Montreal are her favourite activities (duh). She also currently works in the nightlife scene, throwing silly parties for her friends. Bruce Springsteen is her idol and she's very excited to be a contributer for Forget The Box.

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Are You Ready For The Montreal Infringement Festival?

June 14th, 2012 | by Grace Mitchell

The anticipated summer months have again arrived with us in the city, and with them come not only the park-lounging appropriate weather, but also a plethora of culturally based festivals and activities. Events such as Jazz Fest, Osheaga, and the Just For Laughs festival draw in massive crowds every year to experience summer on the island. For the audience craving something less produced, more artistic and without massive corporate sponsorships, the 2012 Infringement Festival is an alternative option to experience culture in Montreal

Magic at Home: Wzrd Gng Create a Gallery in a Plateau Loft

May 5th, 2012 | by Grace Mitchell

After the summer I found out the apartment had been renovated beautifully, and my curiosity of who/what had taken over the space heightened. Luckily, the beloved 3772 St. Laurent had been found by a group of artists known as Wzrds Gng and they transformed it with love into a unique gallery and studio space. The Wzrds Gng is a group of individuals who are predominantly working in the street/graffiti art movement

Art Continues to Matter in 2012 at Concordia

March 6th, 2012 | by Grace Mitchell

It’s not easy to forget the immense amount of young and exciting talent that all of the Concordia Fine Arts programs harbour within their walls. With the naturally artistic and inspiring winds of Montreal at their backs, these students create impressive work, without an air of amateurism, that is not to be ignored. That’s why a festival was created 12 years ago to showcase such talents and spread the broader message that yes, art matters

When Business and Theatre Collide at Concordia

February 24th, 2012 | by Grace Mitchell

This week I set off to the Concordia Loyola campus to see a play put on by a 3rd and 4th year verbatim theatre class. The piece is entitled “Theatre____Buisness: Fill Us In” and it is directed by Harry Standjofski. This play is a result of a one-semester assignment given to these students to write and star in a documentary-style play commenting on the relationship between business and theatre. The reason for the required plot about business and theatre

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