ssmu building

Katie Larson, President of SSMU, in a recent interview with the McGill Tribune condescendingly accused students of ignorance. The Tribune quotes her as saying the students “did not do their part.” Katie Larson, and the SSMU executive, you did not do your part. She’s cross because the students rejected a referendum for a student fee […]

austerity sign

It’s trickling down. Snow falling from the condensed steam of downtown high rises. It begins to fall gently and you barely even notice it. But when that perfect storm hits, those snowflakes will blind you. Winter is coming. Regular Canadians, us, our friends and families, who watch tv, listen to the radio and live normal […]


I’ve been thinking hard about writing. Wrestling with purpose, my flying elbow ego meets an existential Walls of Jericho when considering any intention or wish to live in a world where grave injustices don’t occur systematically. I want to think and live “otherwise.” My Macho Man axe kicked. I’m tag teamed every time. On one […]

ProSolutions National 2006

Between the blue and the white of my Facebook interface, I squint to read the feed. Between pictures of food, articles about tragedies or politics and YouTube videos I find the odd quote. It sounds like one of those inspirational TED talks or motivational speakers you would laugh at after smoking too much weed in […]


People are passionate about Movember and fighting cancer. Few things these days bring people together under a common cause. Our strong, natural solidarity to fight for good causes has been  undermined and perverted by greedy jerks. We need to take back our movement. The Movember movement tries to create a better, more healthy world. Supporters have […]

red poppy

On November 11th, after more research and more reflection, I stood watching the Remembrance day celebrations in Montreal. I was wearing a White Poppy, after the first blast of the cannon; I threw it in the garbage. The Red Poppy is not about war mongering. The Red Poppy is not about militarism. The Red Poppy […]

Conrad Black

He lives lavishly, jet setting around the world, and becomes a media mogul. Then in a twist of fate he is sent to jail. He then somehow emerges a victim of injustice. Television shows around the world air his grievances. The problem isn’t of his guilt although he might as well be guilty. The tragedy isn’t his circumstance. When millions of poor African Americans lay in prison in the U.S, tens of thousands of poor First Nations in Canada, a rich white male becomes the poster boy for a broken justice system…

canada china fipa handshake

Everyone is getting upset about the China-Canada Foreign Investment Protection Agreement. Activists and critics say it will undermine Canadian democracy, it will subvert our economy, it will destroy our environment and it will sell away all of our energy resources. even put together a petition, got over 60 000 signatures and brought it parliament. Everyone is talking about how bad the free trade agreement is for Canadians, as if we are some abstract nationalist entity. Canada has signed dozens of FIPAs with dozens of countries…

May 22, 2012 Student Demonstration - Photos by Chris Zacchia

Imagine you’re a suburbanite. You live in Laval, Quebec or the West Island. Turn on your TVs, surf to Google News, read your newspapers, twist that dial to your favourite radio station; what do you hear, what are you reading? The protesters in Montreal have, again, done something bad. They broke a window, they woke up an old frail grandma, they threw some smoke bombs, or, maybe (oh the horror) they stopped traffic for an hour…