If you’ve already read Ethical Oil: parts one and two, you’ve suffered through the realities of our energy market in this country. You’ve read the back-and-forth about the very existential quandary that seems to be occupying ivory-tower environmental thinkers.

Trying to make sense of Canadian energy policy is not for the faint of the heart, so I called Gordon Laxer. The University of Alberta professor has spent the past 29 years in Alberta, having followed Canadian energy policy through…


In part one, I introduced everyone to Alykhan Velshi and Zoe; two ideological zealots engaged in a war of words over the nature of Canadian oil production.

Velshi is the captain of the good ship Ethical Oil and Zoe is, of course, Ezra Levant’s fictitious and quintessential environmentalist.

So, not happy with having such an important debate boiled down to a never-ending back-and-forth of pontificating and self-righteousness, I wanted to know where our oil actually comes from.

Our underlying issue is one of supply and demand: Canadians are demanding oil, and we’re supplying it to…

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It’s not easy being green. Yet, somehow, I think Alykhan Velshi gets along okay. The self-styled social justice activist has made it his altruistic goal to ensure that every man, woman and child in the world is burning only the most sin-free petroleum. Velshi has grabbed the banner of Ethical Oil, taking inspiration from the book of the same title written by tarsands troubadour Ezra Levant. The 27 year-old former aide to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is out to convince the country…