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Mike Gwilliam Mike Gwilliam brings you up-to-date reviews, previews and news about video games, the internet, and technology. He's bold, out-spoken and pulls no punches. If you ever had a reason to trust someone's opinion on a video game, Mike Gwilliam will tell it how it is. Whether it's a masterpiece, overrated, or just downright sucks, Mike will let you know. His favourite games range from Star Craft, Final Fantasy VII, Grand Theft Auto, and Skyrim to Zelda, Max Payne, God of War, Uncharted and Batman: Arkham Asylum. In addition to game reviews, he'll also preview upcoming TV series and special gaming events such as E3, which, he'll be going to in 2012.

Author Archives: Mike Gwilliam

Dexter Spoilers Confirmed

July 17th, 2013 | by Mike Gwilliam

Dexter is in its 8th and final season with only 10 episodes left. With speculation on how the series will [&hellip

The Rage Against Paul Ryan

August 21st, 2012 | by Mike Gwilliam

This weekend I saw a very interesting post on Forget the Box co-founder Jason C. McLean's Facebook wall in which Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello criticized republican Paul Ryan for listing Rage as his favourite band

Coffee Break Review: Dark Knight Rises

July 19th, 2012 | by Mike Gwilliam

It's a yes because everything just works and falls into place like a well-crafted puzzle. In fact, The Dark Knight Rises, like Nolan's previous two Batman films, isn't just a good super hero film. It's a damn good film period

Quebec’s Tears of Entitlement – Canada’s Shame

June 10th, 2012 | by Mike Gwilliam

As a student living in Ontario, I pay more for tuition than Quebec students. I don't have any scholarships. I pay full price. If I was told I would be paying around $450+ more a year, I honestly wouldn't care. I really fail to see why students in Quebec are taking this so difficultly. It makes me laugh, and ashamed, that I have to share a country with a province that comes across as having such a sense of entitlement

Max Payne 3 Review – Noir Meets South America

June 4th, 2012 | by Mike Gwilliam

Max Payne 3 isn't a classic that will live on forever. It is, however, a very good game with a weaving narrative, superb dialogue, and fun gameplay. If you enjoyed previous Max Payne games, then you'll also enjoy this one either as a rental or as a full purchase. And for anyone who appreciates a good noir story, look no further

Live at Fight For The Cure with the Sun News Team

April 2nd, 2012 | by Mike Gwilliam

Originally I was going to watch the fight between Justin Trudeau and Patrick Brazeau at a bar downtown or in the comfort of my living room all while celebrating Human Achievement Hour. Then, somehow – probably because of my location – I was luckily enough to win tickets to the fight from Sun News Network and ended up meeting a lot of their on-air celebs. I was feeling lucky

Human Achievement Hour – Forget Earth Hour, Turn On The Lights!

March 28th, 2012 | by Mike Gwilliam

Since the dawn of time, mankind has sought new ways to make life easier. Inventions such as the wheel, pulley system, cars, lights and the telephone have all helped society grow and evolve into something worthwhile and meaningful. We, as a people, have come so far in so little time, and every year, Earth Hour encourages us to do away with our feats and turn off the lights that have shined ever-so brightly, doing away with the darkness of the middle ages. This year, something different has been proposed by Ezra Levant at Sun News Network, and this idea is celebrating our achievement. Our Human Achievements

Houston, We Have a Problem – Angry Birds Space Review

March 27th, 2012 | by Mike Gwilliam

Chances are if you own an iPhone or Android, then you've probably played Angry Birds. Or heard of it. After all, it has over 500 million downloads to its name, and that is saying something. Despite being very simplistic, the game is addicting and very fun. It's so addictive, in fact, that one time when I was on the bus going to a meeting downtown, I ended up missing a stop I'd taken hundreds of times before because I was so into completing one level

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