dakota access pipeline protest

As the Sioux of Standing Rock persevere in their legal battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline, the promoters are resorting to violence to disperse peaceful protesters. Energy Transfer Partners’s private security attacked the protesters with pepper spray and dogs on Saturday, near the camp set up by indigenous activists in Southern North Dakota. The same […]

mmiw highway of tears

The national inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) officially starts today. Less than two years ago, the killing of hundreds of indigenous women and girls wasn’t “really high on [the] radar” of Canada’s Prime Minister. Yet here we are, with a new government chanting a very different tune, kicking off a national inquiry […]

fsm 2016 page facebook

The World Parliamentary Forum opened on Wednesday in Montreal with very notable absentees. Ottawa denied visas to six of the invited foreign parliamentarians. Organizers and participants suspect that this attitude is linked to the leftist orientation of the event. The World Parliamentary Forum (WPF) is the closest thing to a world convention of left-oriented politics. […]