A ripped blonde muscle man in golden booty shorts, a transsexual mad scientist with a propensity for boldly expressing himself through song, a tap dancing beauty whose iridescent sequins glimmer like twinkling fireflies and a set of sexy phantoms clad in black lace – sounds like my kind of people! Who wouldn’t want to come across this motley crew in a dark castle in the middle of the woods on a rainy night?? All this and more can be found at the Mainline Theatre in a spectacular new rendition of Richard O’Brien’s infamous glam rock musical The Rocky Horror Show.

By now, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen, or at least heard of, the cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Midnight screenings, especially popular around Halloween, complete with costumes, props and audience participation have kept the film alive long past any of its predecessors in the B-movie universe. But before the sweet transvestite and friends time warped their way across the big screen, they were doing it on stages in London, Los Angeles and Broadway. Many of the show’s original cast went on to star in the film, including the sensational Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N Furter.

This particular production, presented by Shayne Gryn and Mainline Theatre has a rather sparse set, with the chorus of phantoms filling in as set pieces and props when needed. The fabulous five-piece band sits atop a riser at the back of the stage that also features a number of television screens that act monitors when need be.

All the actors in the show were quite well cast, particularly Shane Adamczak as the nerdy, repressed Brad Majors and Alexia Gourd as Columbia, the tap dancing groupie whose mood swings from weeping to giggling with the single spritz of a magic spray. Antonio Bavaro practically stole the show in his hilarious rendition of Dr. Frank N Furter. Whether ad-libbing with audience members or simulating sex acts with both members of the newly engaged, naïve couple, Bavaro did so with a balance of domination, nuance and emotion. My favorite song of his was the Ziggy Stardust era Bowie-inspired “I’m Going Home”, where we see a slightly softer side of our favorite Transylvanian transvestite.

Another highlight of the production was the lively choreography by Genevieve Lauzon (who also appears as a phantom), Amy Blackmore and Patrick Lloyd Brennan. They made effective use of a large cast by staging elaborate numbers with a seamless flow. Between the titillating dancing and the seductive costumes, there was so much good stuff going on that I sometimes didn’t know where to look!

Unfortunately, the only member of the cast with a headset microphone was Bavaro. The rest of the cast shared two hand-held microphones that could have been a bit louder, as I found the lyrics were often drowned out by the band or the laughter of the audience.

The show runs Friday night at 20:00 and Saturday, where they’ll be putting on a good ol’ fashioned double feature at 20:00 and again at 23:00. Tickets are available through the Mainline Theatre website, $23 for adults and $18 for students.

It’s October and familiar colours are overtaking the landscape: the unmistakable combination of Halloween orange and black, the vibrant reds and yellows of the changing maple leaves, and gleefully girlie pastel pink… that’s right, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has returned with a pink vengeance and this year everyone from Pornhub to the NFL is getting involved.

For the entire month of October, Pornhub, a free online community with content uploaded by its members, will donate one penny for every 30 views of their tit-themed videos to supporting breast cancer research in what they’ve deemed the “Save the Boobs” campaign.

Or, as their press release put it:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re into itty-bitty-titties, the perfect handful, jumbo fun-bags or low-swinging flapjacks, what matters most is that your kind and selfless gesture will go a long way towards helping our sisters find a cure”

So far, the breast-themed videos on Pornhub have received over 30 million views, on track with their monthly average of between 70 and 90 million clicks. This adds up to a $10,000 donation, which could triple by the end of the month. This money was supposed to go towards the Susan G. Komen Foundation until the Dallas-based organization came forward last week to reject the offer. “We are not a partner, nor accepting donations, and have asked them to stop using our name,” said Andrea Rader of Komen for the Cure. Pornhub is currently seeking another worthy recipient for the funds.

It doesn’t surprise me that money raised for breast cancer from a porn website has become controversial, as pink ribbon marketing campaigns all over the place have come under recent scrutiny by websites like Think Before You Pink. They critique the use of the pink ribbon as a marketing tool, as it not only gets used to sell a product but to sell “good” along with it.

A new NFB documentary titled ‘Pink Ribbons, Inc’ remarked that since 1940, a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer went from one in 22 to one in 8. Even though it ultimately kills fewer women then cardiac disease or lung cancer, its high profile, links to motherhood and underlying current of sexuality have led breast cancer and the pink ribbon campaign to near-ubiquity. With women making the majority of household purchases, it only makes sense from a marketing standpoint to slap it on just about anything, even products that might be harmful and increase women’s chances of developing the disease.

Ultimately, my feelings on Pornhub’s fundraising campaign are a little conflicted. First of all, I wouldn’t exactly put “watching pornography” among the most kind and selfless acts a person can perform. Plus I’m not so sure that using terms like “fun-bags” prove progressive thinking on a company’s part. But, it is pretty much free money – people are going to watch porn anyways, so why not have some good come out of it? I applaud their effort to try to help out, as chances are quite high that many of the men and women in the videos on Pornhub has a personal connection to breast cancer, whether through their mother, grandmother, aunt, sister or friend. At least they’re not trying to suck money out of their fans, while putting on a show of support for breast cancer, like some believe the NFL is doing with their pink philanthropic gestures of late.

In addition to raising awareness with pink jerseys and giant ribbons painted on the fields, the NFL is donating 5% of the sales of all pink ribbon merchandise to the American Cancer Society… which at first sounds decent, but if you break it down like Jezebel did, with a nod to Business Insider: “if NFL products are sold at a 100% markup and only 5% of sale proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, then the NFL is pocketing 90% of sales of Breast Cancer Awareness products, many of which would not be purchased if they didn’t come with a promise that consumers were ‘helping’.”

Furthermore, the league made an astonishing $8.5 billion in 2009 alone. And guess how much they’re given to the American Cancer Society since the creation of the fundraising program four years ago: a measly $3 million. But I guess every little penny counts…

Pink Ribbon Collage Photo Credit: http://thinkbeforeyoupink.org/?p=2125#more-2125

I recently started a new relationship with a very wonderful lover who has brought some interesting and imaginative ideas to the bedroom that I’d never tried before. He seemed a bit taken aback that these relatively minor league acts were not part of my repertoire. “But you’re a sex columnist!” he joked. “Just because I’m a sex columnist doesn’t mean I’ve done everything,” I responded. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean I’m interested in everything either.

I mean, I’m hardly a prude when it comes to sex and I’ve always said I’ll try just about anything once… or twice if I like it. I’ve done and enjoyed things some people wouldn’t even dream of yet I also recoil in horror at other lurid acts that really get some people’s juices flowing. And while I wouldn’t necessarily call myself “vanilla”, a term borrowed from the world of ice cream to connote conventional, basic and without frills, it’s certainly a flavor I like to sample from time to time.

“Because I study and write about sexuality, I am of course someone who swings naked from chandeliers while having group sex on film,” noted Lynn Comella, a sexuality scholar and women’s studies professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “And while I am not at all opposed to that in theory, in practice it is just not who I am”.

Salon.com columnist Tracy Clark-Flores observed that even though “sexual freedom means different things to different people”, within certain sexually liberated spheres there is a topsy-turvy hierarchy to the mainstream with monogamy at the bottom and “public poly-whatever-y” at the top. She cites a number of second-hand examples of people facing biases within kinky communities for being too vanilla, even though you’d think a group that has experienced enough disapproval and marginalization on account of their sexual choice would refrain from passing the same kind of judgment on others.

Everyone faces a certain degree of struggle in figuring out with what gets their motor running, especially as they become more acquainted with sexually progressive communities. As blogger Clarisse Thorn points out, “Being a sex-positive feminist, I also sometimes worry that other women will read my work and it will increase their performance anxiety. I worry that writing about some stuff I like will be misinterpreted – that it will lead other women to feel like, gosh, is this something liberated sex-positive women do? Is this something I “should” be doing?”

And like oh so many other issues in our contemporary landscape, this one is further complicated by the world of marketing. It’s a tried and true marketing axiom that when people start feeling satisfied and comfortable, they consume less. As pointed out by Bitch magazine in their smart and funny series ‘Thinking Kink’, making people feel shitty about their vanilla-ness is mainly a capitalist calculation. Just look at the spike in BDSM-related purchases since the release of “50 Shades of Grey”. Good Vibrations in San Francisco experience a 65% increase in the sales of bondage sex toys, and New York-based Babeland say a 40% increase.  While many of those purchases were likely made out of genuine curiosity, imagine how many were bought under pressure of feeling like their routine sex lives weren’t exciting enough?

When you think of depictions of blowjobs in porn, words like “art” and “sensual” aren’t exactly what comes to mind first, unless you’re local entrepreneuse Camille Crimson, a self-proclaimed “geeky redhead blowjob expert”. Born and raised in Montreal, Camille developed, designed and runs a number of websites including TheArtOfBlowjob.com and SlowMotionBlowjob.com where she makes erotic films with her long-term partner that focus on the sensuality and passion of the act.

First of all, from one fiery redheaded blowjob-loving gal to another, I love the work you’re doing! Have you always enjoyed giving blowjobs?

Thank you so much!  It means a lot to know that there are others out there like me who are glad to see representations of themselves and their sexuality in porn.

I only really hit my blowjob stride in my early 20s.  Before that, I did give blowjobs in my mid/late teens, but something didn’t quite connect.  It takes a while to get in touch with your sensuality. Also, I have to mention that I met my boyfriend (of 17 years now!) in my early 20s, so I think finding someone who really clicks with you makes you want to really learn about their body and their pleasure. It’s a great mix of things.

On your website, I read that one of your goals it to “change the face of porn”. How do you go about doing that?

We just try to make something visually beautiful that is rooted in being ourselves.  It’s not really performance, which is what most people consider porn.  It’s two people who really care about each other finding ways to share sensual experiences.  It’s just not much like mainstream porn.  It’s much more accessible to a wider variety of people, and by getting more people interested in sexuality, porn changes and grows.

Do you think men or women get more out of the Art Of Blowjob? For example, are there more men jerking off to it or women learning from it??

We have a pretty broad audience.  Of course, there are a lot of men who like the site, but we have a tremendous amount of couples and single women who enjoy it, both for education and for sexual enjoyment.  We just want to make something that is open to anyone who likes blowjobs.

What are your personal favorite videos from your ample collection?

Oh, such a hard question!  I like looking through my videos because I see different eras where we explored different things. I always think of Those Eyes, which is one of my first big videos with simple eye contact as the focus. I also love Breasts, which is just joyful and sweet. Recently, I’ve been making videos with cumshots as the focus, specifically facials, so I love all of them. Showing facials as something erotic rather than just degrading feels like quite a departure.

Is it challenging coming up with new scenarios each week??  Do you ever take suggestions from your fans?

We try to be organic about it.  Sometimes we do reach out for suggestions, but we can’t guarantee anything because our style is very rooted in our reality.

I noticed that you’re very active on Facebook and Twitter. How has social media changed the amateur pornography industry? What role does it play in creating your persona?

Well, I think that being a presence on social media lets you show that you’re a real person with thoughts and feelings.  People can be very removed from porn and I want to give venues for people to think and talk about how their sexuality and lives in general are connected to porn.

What are your top 3 blowjob tips for those out there who are looking to expand their skill set and blow their partner’s mind?

Creativity, communication and passion!  They’re not “tips” per se, but it means a world of difference to think outside the box about the way you approach a blowjob, to actually ask what your partner wants and likes and to find a way to get excited about what you do!

Can you recommend any pro-women porn sites for all my curious female readers? Also, do you have any words of advice for women or couples who are thinking about putting their amateur porn on the web?

I’d obviously suggest my own (TheArtofBlowjob.com and SlowMotionBlowjob.com) and PornographicLove.com, which is made by wonderful close friends Lilyanne Bloom and Max Sauvage.  Then, there are great people like Violet+Rye of UncommonAppetites.Blogspot.com…Really, just go check out past nominees for Good For Her’s Feminist Porn Awards and you’ll find lots of great respectful porn!

My main advice is to think long and hard before putting anything out there.  Think of your family, your work life… If you aren’t sure how it’d play out and you’re not sure you can stand behind it, shoot from the neck down and hide any obvious tattoos/decor. Violet+Rye have done it that way and they still make something beautiful.  Beyond that, invest in a good camera, watch porn and movies and try to emulate the shots and editing that you find compelling.
Do you have anything else you’d like to add??
I just want people to try something new, to be honest with their desires and to be open to sensuality in their lives, in whatever form that takes.
Photos provided by Camille Crimson

For pretty much as long as I can remember, I’ve always been hopelessly attracted to musicians, specifically of the rock & roll persuasion. While other high school girls fantasized about Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, I idolized the feathered hair, open shirt and sexy swagger of Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin. His poster still graces my wall next to my desk, a black and white, cock-emphasizing shot from a downward angle. It may be because I lost my virginity listening to “Whole Lotta Love”, but there’s just something about the way he croons “baby, baby, baby” that gets my motor running. Yet as I’ve grown older, although my crush on Plant persists, I’m more in awe of the fast fingers of lead guitarist Jimmy Page.

It seems you can take any scruffy slacker that normally wouldn’t much get a second glance, give him a guitar, teach him a few chords and all of a sudden I want to strip him down and do dirty things to him. Drummers and pianists alike, I don’t discriminate! One of the sexiest things a guy ever said to me in bed, after a particularly satisfying fingerbang session, was “I can play your body like an instrument”. My current lover seduced me back to his place for the first time with the promise of a serenade, and his sweet poetry inevitably charmed the vintage dress right off my back.

Seems like I’m not the only one with this glitch – some women like Cynthia Plaster Caster and Pamela Des Barres have made entire careers out of being ‘groupies’, or as Cameron Crowe rebranded them in his coming-of-age tale of a journalist in the glory days of rock and roll, ‘Almost Famous’, band aids. “Groupies sleep with rockstars because they want to be near someone famous,” laments head of the Band Aids, Penny Lane, played by Kate Hudson. “We are here because of the music, we inspire the music. We are Band Aids.”

Maybe we love men that get up on stage and pour their hearts out in song form because it demonstrates vulnerability and a softer side not often seen from their gender. Maybe we love them for their rebellious leanings. Maybe we just see the guitars as extensions of their penises…  which is why we tend to overlook certain of their less affiable qualities, like not showering for days on end or spending all the rent money on beer.

It turns out there may be a scientific basis for this attraction. According Geoffrey Miller, author of “The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution of Human Nature”, Charles Darwin was among the first to argue that human musical talent may have evolved for reproductive benefits. In 1871, Darwin wrote that, “The impassioned orator, bard, or musician, when with his varied tones and cadences he excites the strongest emotions in his hearers, little suspects that he uses the same means by which his half-human ancestors long ago aroused each other’s ardent passions, during their courtship and rivalry.” Miller points out that this evolutionary feature is evident in the animal kingdom where certain species of insects, gibbons, frogs, birds and whales woo perspective mates with song.

And with our fair city currently overrun with musicians and mustachioed hipsters posing as musicians, here are my top 3 POP Montreal artists I’d like to bang:

3 – Any of the dudes from Yukon Blonde

They’re one of my favorite indie bands on the Canadian scene, and their look is the epitome of that scruffy rocker dude that makes me swoon. If you missed their show on Wednesday night like I did, never fear, you have another chance to catch them when they open for that other band of shaggy rockstars whose look and sound I adore, The Sheepdogs, when they coast through town in mid-November.


2 – Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear

I imagine it would go something like this: we’d stare deeply into each other’s eyes, and brush our fingers against each other’s cheeks for an eternity. We’d link hands and spin around in circles for “Two Weeks”. For pillow talk, he’d regale me with tales of Thom Yorke from their Radiohead tour, then sneak off in the morning, leaving a love note on my pillow.

1 – David Byrne

While I’m not really physically attracted to him, I would offer him my body as a simple token of gratitude for all the fucking fantastic tunes he’s created over the years as the innovative frontman for the Talking Heads. Plus, anyone who’s ever heard Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)Crosseyed And Painless or Thank You For Sending Me An Angel would know that he’s got mad rhythm. Add the swagger of their cover of Take Me To The River to the romantic sentimentality of This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) and the spastic, ridiculous dance moves from Stop Making Sense and you’ve got the recipe for a Once In A Lifetime sack session.



Robert Plant Photo: http://ohmygodot.blogspot.ca/2011/06/fielders-choice.html

Yukon Blonde Photo:http://popmontreal.com/artists/yukon-blonde/

Daniel Rossen Photo: http://jp917.tumblr.com/post/3300005736/see-five-year-old-daniel-rossen-impersonating-elvis

David Byrne Photo: whitehotmagazine.com

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re having really hot sex – your heart is racing, you’re panting with anticipation and your entire body is shaking with pleasure. Suddenly, right at the moment of orgasm instead of blissful satisfaction, you’re stuck with an intense, blinding headache. I recently learned of this condition and frankly it horrifies the hell out of me, as I’ve suffered from migraines for years and couldn’t possibly imagine havincoitag one of my least favorite things brought on by one of my absolute favorites.

These orgasm-induced headaches, also known as coital cephalagia, occur in approximately 1% of the population with onset between the early 30s and latter 40s.  For unknown reason, they are about three times more prevalent in men, especially those with a history of migraine headaches or those on medication for erectile dysfunction.

Sexual headaches are classified into three different types. The most common is sudden onset, which refers to a severe, throbbing headache that occurs before, during or immediately following an orgasm. This type of headache usually lasts several miserable post coital hours. The next type is the subacute, crescendo headache, which accounts for about 25% of all coital cephalagia. They have a slower onset, mirroring the intensity of the build of the orgasm. The pain is more of a dull ache in the back of the head, and may be accompanied by nausea. The least common type is the postdural headache, which is a sharp pain in the lower back of the head that worsens when the sufferer stands or walks. This type has the most in common with the tradition migraine, as it is most likely to cause nausea and vomiting.

Scientists are unsure of the exact cause of this condition, though they speculate that it might have something to do with muscle contraction or rising blood pressure during sexual activity, overly sensitive blood vessels in the brain or intense emotional stress. While beta-blockers and anti-migraine drugs have proven to be effective in reducing the occurrence of orgasm headaches, they must be taken one to two hours before sexual activity.

On the bright side, it appears that sex can actually help cure migraine headaches. Dr. Randolph W. Evans and Dr. James R. Couch of South Illinois University found that more than half of the women in their study experienced some relief after having sexual intercourse with a migraine, with 20% reporting complete relief.

The research team is unsure of the exact correlation between sex and migraine relief, though they speculate that it might be due to the post coital release of endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin or the possible stimulation of the nerves that lower the pain experienced during childbirth.

In addition to migraine pain relief, orgasms are also known to increase blood circulation, give the heart a workout, alleviate stress and flood the brain with much-needed oxygen… as if we needed more reasons to have orgasms!


Image credit: http://lexasyifa.com/also-may-orgasm-headache-cause/

When you think of the most classic porno titles of all time, Debbie Does Dallas is right up there with Deep Throat. Made on a shoestring budget in under a week in 1978, it gained much of its notoriety from a lawsuit by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders over the unauthorized use of their uniform in the film and on its famous poster.

It went on to become one of the top 5 grossing pornographic films of all time, as it was one of the first of the genre to be distributed on VHS, selling over 50,000 copies and spawning a plethora of sequels and remakes. Like most of the pornography of the era, it was financed by the mafia, specifically New York-based Michael Zaffarano, who coined the film’s title. When director Jim Clark first heard the title, he snapped back that it didn’t make any grammatical sense, which Zaffarano wisely proclaimed would make people like it even more.

The deliciously simple plot revolves around the doe-eyed head cheerleader Debbie who wants to try out for the Texas Cheerleaders but can’t afford the trip. Her plucky young squad wants to join her so they all get part-time jobs but still are having trouble raising enough money for the trip… that is, until they start showing off their luscious, young bodies and performing a slew of erotic services for their employers.

The most unique female masturbation scene features a candle, though I should have seen that coming when one of the wanton cheerleaders takes an after school job at Mr. Hardwick’s candle store. After Mrs. Hardwick catches the girl in the act of self-pleasure in the back room of the store, she assures her not to worry and seduces her into a titillating threesome with her husband. And it wouldn’t be a 70s porn without a locker room shower orgy ripe with cocks sprouting from full bushes thrusting into wet, wide-open mouths or a car wash scene featuring two pairs of the perkiest nipples to peek through dripping wet t-shirts.

While the girls agree early on that will retain control of the sexy situations and won’t do anything they don’t want to do (or anything they won’t do with their boyfriends), all of the scenes go way beyond the initial tit-fondling between Debbie and her boss, Mr. Greenfield that spurs the plan in the first place. By the end of the film, he’s the quarterback that gets to score a touchdown with the captain of the cheerleading squad, a fantasy brought to life with Debbie in that infamous blue and white starry uniform. I read this aspect of the film as a commentary on young actresses getting into the pornographic industry in the first place – they think it’ll be a fun way to make a bit of extra cash but are quickly swept up into the seedier side of the industry, marred by drugs and abuse.

Even starlet Woods confirmed this as her motive for entering the industry in an extremely rare interview with “Scaramouch” of the now-defunct blog Yesbutnotbutyes:

“Never in a million years did I think that it would be anything like what it became and if I had known I would never have done it! I just thought it was easy money at a time when I had none.”

Debbie Does Dallas was her first of only a handful of films, evident in that genuine “deer-in-the-headlights” glint in her eyes, giving her undeniable sex appeal. After fading from her very brief tenure in the adult film spotlight, she was reported to have died of a drug overdose in 1986 although the truth of her story is more boring: she moved back in with her parents, dyed her hair brown and became a housewife and mother, leaving her porn legacy behind her.

3.5 dicks out of 5

Fetish weekend

Fetish weekend
Eric Paradis, one of the organizers of Montreal’s Fetish Weekend

One of the things I love most about Montreal is the abundance of unique ways to spend your weekends. With all the standard pubs, bars and clubs that proliferate throughout the city, party planners are challenged to come up with fun and interesting ways to draw crowds to their events. Here are two of the sexiest ways to spend the subsiding, not-quite-as-sweltering nights of the Labour Day long weekend:

No Pants, No Problem

I am a huge fan of underwear dance parties. They frequently happen in the comfort of my living room, dancing wildly to everything from the Kinks to Boney M spinning on my turntable. This Saturday, I can enjoy all the fun of a pantless dance party in public as the infamous No Pants, No Problem night returns to Montreal.

The concept is simple: head on down to Il Motore (179 Jean-Talon W), check your pants at the door and dance it up for a good cause. The cost is $5, and the funds raised from the night will go to benefit Aids Action Now, who will be hosting a community table with provocative goodies. Also, Cactus, will be on site handing out condoms and other goodies promoting safer sex and harm reduction.

The night was born in 2003 as a place for like-minded people to come together and challenge the conventional ways of approaching sexiness. This involves creating a safe space for people of all persuasions and orientations to question binary norms on gender and sexuality, and engage in constructive dialogues about body image and self esteem… and have some fun while doing it!

DJs Hungry Like the Wolf and Bratface will be keeping the booties shaking til the wee hours of the morning. As well, there will be burlesque performances by Toronto’s Mikiki and hometown favorites Glam Gam Productions. There will also be a Kissing Booth on site for you to practice your lip-locking skills.

For those who are a little shy about revealing too much at this cheeky night, there is an option of leaving your pants on for a $5 penalty.

For more information, check out the Facebook event.

Explore Your Fetishes

Montreal Fetish WeekendFor those on the slightly more adventurous side, there’s the 8th annual incarnation of Fetish Weekend. Members of the fetish community from around the world congregate in Montreal for an unforgettable weekend of kinky parties and enlightening workshops. Let your imagination run wild within a sensual playground of deviancy and delights!

The key events are Saturday night’s Latextacy retro fetish extravaganza, where renowned entertainer Jean Bardot offers a thrilling sideshow-inspired experience for watchers and worshipers alike and Sunday’s sensual Steampunk masked ball, where the anonymity of a mask allows participants and voyeurs alike to indulge their wildest dreams. Both take place at the gorgeous L’Olympia Theatre (1004 Ste-Catherine E), completing the sensual experience with its vintage glamour.

If you’re interested in exploring the cerebral side of the underground, try one of the weekend’s workshop at the Hotel des Gouverneurs (1415 St-Hubert). On Saturday, you can learn about kinky drumming and percussive play with Gaia, or get an insight into the D/s relationship from the submissive’s perspective with Slave Petal. On Sunday, Viktor and Sasha can teach you about basic bondage for beginners, or explore the wonderful world of wax play with Contessa Alura.

For more information on either of the parties or the workshops or to purchase tickets, please visit the Fetish Weekend website.

Fetish Weekend pics by Chris Zacchia for more visit Forgetthebox on FB


**Warning: Some of the photos in this article err on the NSFW side… but I was at a nude beach after all**

Given the fact that Montreal is an island, one thing it is seriously lacking in is a soft, sandy beach for tanning by day and all-night beach parties complete with the most liberating summertime activity of all: skinny dipping. Sure, there’s the wimpy man-made “beach” at Ile Notre-Dame, but you can tell the scratchy sand was just brought in on a giant truck, the water is so murky and unappealing and it’s always overcrowded with screaming children.  There are a few notable pools and secret swimming holes scattered throughout the island, but none come close to the sublime paradise of Oka Beach on the shore of the Lake of Two Mountains.

Getting There:

Oka National Park  is easily accessible by car, at about an hour’s drive out on highways 13 and 360. However, if you’re vehicular-challenged like me and pretty much all my friends, two wheels will get you there almost as easily. You can opt for the 50 kilometer bike ride along the scenic Route Verte, part of Quebec’s intricate system of cycling trails.  Instead, we chose to take the AMT train to suburban big-box wasteland of Vaudreuil. After that, we biked about 10 kilometers to Hudson and took the ferry across the lake to Oka for a total cost of $9. After that it was only about a 20 minute ride to the campsite, through the tree-laden path to the National Park.

No Tan Lines!

The beach at Oka has two distinct sections: the family-friendly side near the campsite that is littered with brightly-colored umbrellas. Finding a prime spot can be difficult, especially during summer weekends as the sandy real estate becomes densely populated with towels and suntanners. A short walk to the left of the main beach is where the fun begins – there’s a magical yellow pole that welcomes you into a public space where it’s completely legal to remove your clothes and frolic in the sun, sand and surf.

You’ll know you’ve reached the nude section of the beach when you spot boats and jetskis docked near the shore, as they are not permitted to park on the main beach. Another dead giveaway is the buck naked middle-aged men with leather skin tans that proudly walk the shoreline, stealing glances at the swimmers and sunbathers. One of the best things about a nude beach is no tan lines, but make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen so you have enough to cover all your bits for the nude beach – nothing hurts more than sunburnt nipples.

Beware the Rustling Bushes

When I mentioned to a friend that I was spending the weekend at Oka, she told me last time she was on the nude beach, she was openly propositioned by a man who asked if she wanted to have sex with right there on the sand. “It really put a damper on my nude frolicking,” she lamented. I wasn’t going to let any of those unabashed perverts ruin my naked fun… but luckily I didn’t encounter any of them. I did see many groups of happy people of all ages in various states of undress. Every once in awhile, my eyes would drift to the tree-lined edge of the beach where I would see a rustling in behind the leaves that I was pretty sure wasn’t the racoons that roamed the campsites when darkness fell.

Do Not Feed The Raccoons, As They Will Eat Anything

Camping facilities were standard at the National Park – we opted for the cheapest type of site without electricity. I noticed signs throughout the park that offered the standard “do not feed the wildlife” refrain, and as such we tried to keep a very close watch on our food… however we soon learned that hungry raccoons will eat almost anything.

After having a little too much to drink, one of my friends threw up all that excess liquor into a clearing at the side of our campsite. When the raccoons arrived that night, they must have been intrigued by the vomit’s sweet smell, as they proceeded to chow down. Word to the wise – if you thought raccoons were crazy, you’ve never met a drunken raccoon. Luckily we had consumed the rest of the booze and with our food safely stowed away, the raccoons stumbled off into the night to look for more puddles of alcoholic vomit.

Photos: Top by Jessica Klein, others by Marlon Francescini.


In one of his many, now cliché-sounding utterances in the rom-com classic When Harry Met Sally the titular male character declares that men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way. But what about when you’ve already gotten the sex part out of the way before you decided to part romantic ways?  Is it possible to hold onto certain aspects of your closeness while closing off other ones completely??

Almost everyone has an ex or two they never want to see again. We avoid the places they like to frequent and cross to the other side of the street when we see them coming, bowing our heads to the pavement in hopes we can slip by without one of those awkward “what are you up to these days” conversations. Mine is a shameful reminder of a lapse in judgment, a time when going against my instinct ended with the dredging up of deeply-seeded insecurities and a high level of distrust in men that persisted for years.

But not all relationships end in angry heartbreak and seemingly-insurmountable despair. Things sometimes just don’t work out for factors beyond our control – the timing wasn’t right, someone more interesting comes along, or the passion fizzles and you realize you work better as friends.

When the ending doesn’t result in you behaving shitty towards each other, it is possible to cultivate a friendship that can be just as meaningful as the romantic partnership? Since an ex is privy to all sorts of personal knowledge, they can become quite the confident and offer a unique perspective on your life.

Here are a few guidelines for making the transition as smooth as possible:

1 – Take Your Time

There’s no way you can expect to become good friends right away when the wounds are raw. Inevitably there needs to be a so-called “mourning period” for the relationship that could last for days, months, or even years. It usually depends on how long you were together for and the cause of the relationship’s eventual demise. Trying to rush a friendship before the time is right is a recipe for disaster.

2 – Set Clear Boundaries and Abide By Them

Without clear emotional and physical boundaries, it is impossible for a friendship with an ex to succeed. Get together in public as opposed to alone in the privacy of your apartment to resist the temptation to fall back into old habits. Keep your friendship light and easy by focusing on the things you still have in common like mutual friends or favorite activities as opposed to using your ex as a place to get your emotional needs met.

3 – Get Over Them By Getting Under Someone Else

If you’re merely biding your time with your ex, waiting for them to realize that breaking up with you was the biggest mistake they ever made, then I hate to break it to you but it’s not really much of a friendship. Get out there and meet some new people! You might be surprised to find out that there are lovers out there who are better suited to your than your ex. Also, I wouldn’t run to them to discuss the intimate details of your new relationship either. Eventually, you might get to the point where you’re probing each other for romantic advice, but initially it’s best to keep some things about your new life a mystery.

 If Pride is the well-mannered, well-dressed and well-manicured stereotypical gay, then Pervers/ Cite is its bratty, punk-ass younger sibling: apologetically political, not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and looking for a sweaty good time with like-minded individuals.

Now in its sixth year, Pervers/ Cité remains firmly rooted in the activist community from which it sprang. What started off as a series of workshops by queer activists on a variety of topics such as labour unions and immigration support has blossomed into a diverse 10-day festival with a goal of “making links across social justice groups, queer communities and radical visions of pride.”

“We try to recognize that our history and our place is alongside other social movements, and as gay rights move ahead, sometimes with government support, we have a responsibility to not just be the progressive gloss on a government who’s implementing a really regressive social agenda,” said Joshua Valentine Pavan, one of the volunteer organizers of Pervers/ Cité.

He pointed out that Montreal Pride recently gave a community builder award to Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier, one of the architects of Bill 78.

All Pervers/ Cité events are organized by volunteers with a focus on accessibility, and money is raised by a series of fundraising parties throughout the year. Keeping down overhead costs allows them to plan and throw events without a looming corporate sponsor.

“I think one of Pervers/Cité’s important roles is in reminding people that there are alternatives, there are other ways of doing things outside of the logic they seemed trapped in that actually are much more reflective of the way the initial Prides were organized, ” noted Pavan.

This year for the first time, Perverse/ Cité is being run in parallel with the 2-qtpoc festival that is dedicated to 2-spirted, queer and trans people of colour. Together, they will present “Self/Lust: queer performance and art show” on Saturday August 12th at 8pm at Studio XX (4001 Berri, #201). The show will focus on empowered self-definition, self-narration and self-expression associated with being marginalized both within a community and society as a larger whole.

If you’re looking to dance for a good cause, on Saturday you could also check out No Homos Are Illegal, a benefit for Manuel Sanchez, a Mexican refugee whose claim to remain in Canada was rejected last month after nearly four years of living here. Music stars at 7:30pm, DJs around 11pm at L’Envers (185 Van Horne).

Whether you choose Birkenstocks or high heeled pumps, you’ll fit right in at the Radical Dyke March. The first of its kind in Quebec history, it was inspired by the spirit of the Lesbian Avengers, the team of the first Dyke March in Washington almost two decades ago. The organizers hope to fight “lesbophobia” by recognizing the different types of oppression that are specific to the lesbian community that have existed throughout history and persist into present day. The group meets at Parc Emilie-Gamelin at 6pm with the march to follow.

If you’d like to learn more about the local history of the city’s queer community, try the walking tour on Friday August 18th. Highlights include the site of the infamous Sex Garage and Montreal’s earliest cruising grounds. It departs from the Ritz Carlton (1228 Sherbrooke W) at 3pm.

Queer bookworms will be in heaven at the 5th annual incarnation of Queer Between the Covers, a collectively organized book fair that offers materials otherwise unavailable in the city since the closing of long-standing queer bookstore L’Androgyne. Its tables will be populated by local and international bookstores, publishers, and zine authors at the Centre St-Pierre (1212 Panet) from 11am to 6pm.

Unleash your inner lunar libertine and join the nocturnal dance floor apocalypse known as POMPe, the monthly queer electro dance extravaganza by The Heart Is A Pump Events Collective. Profits from this month’s event will go to benefit the Legal Defense Fund 2012, a group that supports the arrestees and student unions that have been hit hard with Bill 78. This all-night, booty shaking dance party features The Salivation Army, When Hairy Met Salope, Like The Wolf and birthday boy Jnnbnnrck at Katacombes (1635 St. Laurent).

For a full calendar and more information about any of the events, visit  here.

Montreal’s summer festival train continues chugging along with the bold, brash and always fabulous Divers/Cite festival. Running from Monday, July 30th to Sunday, August 5th, the 20th incarnation of the multidisciplinary LGBT festival features a wide variety of live music, DJs, films and art that “celebrate the value of diversity in a spirit of sharing, solidarity and openness with the world”.  The two outdoor main stages have moved from their usual home in the Village to the Old Port’s Quai Jacques-Cartier.

Some within the city’s gay community view the move as considerable progress towards mainstream public acceptance. “It has become like a festival occasion where, in the beginning, we were like Barnum and Bailey – the circus. Now, we’ve become banal,” local gay activist Michael Hendricks told the CBC.

Most of the programming is free and outdoors, and open to people of all genders and sexualities. Get out your rainbow flag and neon short shorts for this weekend’s highlights:

If you’re looking to start your party on Friday afternoon, look no further than the inaugural edition of Ohh La La, especially if you’re into cyclists in spandex biking shorts. At 4pm, a crew of about 400 cyclists from the Friends for Life Bike Rally will roll into town to complete their 600 kilometer ride from Toronto to Montreal to raise awareness and funds for people living with HIV/AIDS. Their arrival will be followed by DJ sets at the Grande Place from Toronto’s Shawn Riker and the Dutch duo Chocolate Puma. Closing the night is the influential, high energy house music of the charismatic Brazilian DJ Ana Paula.

Friday night there’s tough party competition from Apocalipstik, another first-time event that aims to unite the city’s best alternative queer partiers together for an all-out celebration of alternative and electropop music. Starting on the Loto-Quebec Stage at 6pm, the night features the gorgeous strings of Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre), the insatiably catchy urban rhythms of French songstress Fanny Bloom, and the self-proclaimed ‘Dirty Pretty’ glory of Toronto’s Dirty Mags, among others. Rounding out the night is a performance by Glam Gam Productions, which if you’re keeping score, you’d know is my ridiculous burlesque family. We’ll be performing a very sexy, special number choreographed by the amazing Gabrielle Coulter. Needless to say, I’m getting a little wet just thinking about stepping out onto the biggest stage I’ve ever been on!

Apocalipstik is being presented in association with Montreal’s hottest new queer bar & venue, the Royal Phoenix, and is being hosted by the bar’s owner and artistic director, Val Desjardins, along with the infamous duo behind the city’s Gaybash parties, Sally & Tyler.

On Saturday night, get your glitter on for the Mascara Drag Night, hosted by Montreal drag legend Mistress Mado at the Grande Place. With a planned homage to Whitney Houston and a tribute to Dalida as well as performances from local luminaries and newcomers to the scene, the 15th anniversary of Mascara promises to be a glamorous night of gender-bending glory.

As if you weren’t already partied out, there’s a full-on, 10-hour long dance party to close the festival on Sunday. Starting at 2pm at the Grand Place, this non-stop house music marathon features the likes of Spanish superstar DJ duo CHUS & CEBALLOS and celebrity remixer and producer David Morales. Bonus points if you can dance your way through all 10 hours without developing any blisters on your feet or passing out due to heat exhaustion.

Afterwards, you’ve only one full week to recuperate until the start of the Montreal Pride festival, which features the city’s most brightly-colored parade!

For a full schedule and map of the site, visit http://www.diverscite.org.

Some of the competitors at the London Olympic Games are lusting for more than just a gold medal. Sex in the Olympic Village certainly isn’t a recent phenomenon. It’s hard to imagine that you could gather together 10,000 of the world’s fittest bodies in one sweaty space and not expect them to want to “unwind”. When the athletes ran through the supply of 70,000 condoms at the Sydney 2000 Games, organizers ordered another 20,000, prompting a new standing order of 100,000 at subsequent Summer Games.

A titillating article in ESPN The Magazine reports on a variety of tawdry tales from Olympiads past ranging from French handballers stripping down to their skivvies and neckties and feeding each other in the cafeteria to sex out in the open, on the green lawns and between buildings. Swimmer Ryan Lochte estimates that up to 75 percent of Olympians are hooking up in the Village, and when you think about it, why not?

In fact, the recent surge of Olympians in London caused the popular gay pick-up app Grindr to crash last week. As a resident told a local paper, “It happened almost as soon as the teams got here. Either loads of athletes were logging on to meet fellow Olympians or were looking to bag a local.” If it’s a Brit they seek, they have quite a few to choose from – the city boasts 350,000 Grindr users and counting.

The Huffington Post speculated that the incident might have been an elaborate stunt orchestrated by the app’s creators, who used their apology of the 24-hour suspension of service in London to reveal that an updated version will debut later in the summer.

Not only are the athletes hungry for sex, so are the tourists that flood the city to attend the Games. There are differing reports of the exact influence on sex tourism resulting from a large scale sporting event. The BBC predicted that thousands of site workers, spectators and athletes are expected to fuel the sex industry boom at the London Games, resulting in an increase in human trafficking.

Since the 2004 Athens Games first invoked warnings about the increase in sex tourism, most other major international sporting events such as the World Cup have followed suit. While it was initially reported that sex trafficking doubled during the Athens Games, it was later found that cases rose from 93 to 181, none of which were found to be linked to the Olympics in any way by Greek authorities.

In keeping with London mayor Boris Johnson’s vocal crackdown on prostitution and human trafficking in the lead up the Games, 80 brothels were temporarily closed in the east London borough of Newham, which is home to the central stadium. Sex workers were said to be “cleared from the streets” around the stadium by the AFP, making it more presentable for the 2 million expected to descend upon the area. Critics of the crackdown point out that displacing sex workers merely endangers their welfare and does little curb the sex trade as a whole.


Photo credit: http://www.blippitt.com/emergency-condom-shipment-heads-to-olympic-athlete

Modern technology is forever changing the way we communicate with one another, especially where sex is concerned. Whether looking for love on Lavalife or trolling for cock on the Craigslist casual encounters, the potential is out there on the Internet.

The convenience of not having to leave your home to meet new people is ideal for those who are socially awkward and lack the resources to meet new people on their own, as well as those with unconventional, kinky tastes. And once that connection is made, let the sexting begin!

The portmanteau of the words “sex” and “texting” was first used in a 2005 article in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine and has since entered into the contemporary lexicon. In mainstream media, it started off as a trendy teenage fad, but the more widespread reality of sexing became apparent as prominent figures such as Anthony Weiner and Brett Favre were caught red-handed when photos were leaked online.

Reliable statistics on the prevalence of sexting are difficult to obtain since it’s not something that most people will readily admit to. According to figures compiled by Recombu, about half of us have sent a sext to a partner, and one quarter of men and sixteen percent of women have sent one to someone who isn’t a partner. A different study by Lookout offers a less pervasive outlook, with only 26% of the respondents fessing up to sending or receiving an explicit photo and 18% admitting to sexting.

Regardless, it’s clear that sexting is here to stay, so it’s not a huge surprise that someone figured out a way to make money off of it. Enter Vanessa Marie, founder of AdultSMSTexts.com, the self-proclaimed hottest way to sext with no strings attached. “Sexting is so prevalent, even out-of-touch politicians are doing it. I see an opportunity there,” she says. “Everybody’s doing it, but nobody’s talking about it.”

With the phone sex line going the way of the rotary phone, it was time for a more contemporary method to emerge and fill the lascivious void. AdultSMSTexts features a diverse group of real women with the slightly out-of-focus overhead shots of themselves to prove it. They appear in various states of undress and have one thing in common: they love referring to themselves as naughty and they want to share that raunchy energy with you.

So if you feel like your sexting skills are a bit rusty and would like to get some practice before you try them out on a prospective partner or frisky fuck friend, you can test the waters here. According to the website’s Tips for First Time Sexters, “Good sexting is all about letting go of your inhibitions and getting the sort of naughty that you’ve only fantasized about. If you’re hesitant about sending that special someone the SMS’ it takes to drive them wild, or just worried that you’ll mess things up, don’t worry.”

One interesting feature of the site is that it only allows users to text with one woman at a time. As soon as a second woman is texted, contact is broken with the first.

Upon seeing that they offer 25 free credits after registration, I chose the handle “ToroLoco” and decided to test out this intriguing new service. After carefully considering my choices, I selected “SexyCandyAss” as my sexy new friend and the fingers began to fly…

ToroLoco – Hello good evening. What’s up?

SexyCandyAss – Not much baby but I’m looking for more.

ToroLoco – MMM I am intrigued, a name like Sexy Candy Ass makes me curious…

SexyCandyAss– I like you Toro Loco, a wild BULL, mm take me for a ride! I am getting wet about you, what kinds of things would you do to my candy ass?

ToroLoco-  I want to take your fine little body, bend you over and caress your ass with my tongue smell your sweet pussy and dip inside. I want you to get you ready before I start ramming you with my bullhorn baby

SexyCandyAss- mmm that is what I want Toro I love when your hands hold my hips and grind me into your cock, Im playing with my clitty for you Toro, mm make me cum!

ToroLoco- I could cum right now Candy I’m bending you forward so your precious Ass is wobbling and rupturing in orgasmic humpity humps baby mmmmMM Im gonna cum with my finger in your bum!

SexyCandyAss- !

Here’s that inforgraphic on sexting:

Last summer, women flocked in droves to see members of a bridal party dramatically desecrate a flashy wedding gown, take out their crazy on a chocolate fountain and fart joke their way to the top of the box office. This summer’s runaway film hit with female audiences goes for a complete different type of girl bonding experience that involves watching buff, bare-chested heartthrobs perform a series of coordinated pelvic thrusts before brazenly ripping off their tear-away pants. Welcome to the seedy underbelly of the Florida stripping scene, filtered through the lens of Stephen Soderburgh.

You can practically smell the ball sweat coming off the screen as Channing Tatum, one of Hollywood’s rising stars, reprises a role that he played in real life. He sure has come a long way since flaunting his fancy footwork in Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” video and the “Step Up” franchise. As the titular character, Tatum takes the fresh-faced youngster Alex Pettyfer, affectionately referred to as “The Kid”, under his wing and thrusts him into the spotlight, pun intended. The plot proceeds exactly as you’re predicting it might – before strip club owner (and scene-stealer) Matthew McConaughey can eke out another Wooderson-inspired “alright alright alright”, the Kid gets corrupted and Magic Mike’s whole world goes up in smoke.

While the screening of “Magic Mike” that I attended wasn’t exactly packed with rowdy, ravenous ladies, there were many moments that elicited hoots and hollers from the crowd. Unsurprisingly, there were quite a lot more chuckles at the dance sequences than ooohs and ahhhhs. The film confirmed one of my suspicions about male stripping – it’s clearly a lot more ridiculous than it is sexy.

It’s difficult to pin down exactly what about male stripping is so silly. All the elements for arousal are there on paper – subjectively attractive bodies, glistening skin, simulated sex… ok, there’s no way I can even write this without it venturing into Harlequin romance territory.  And while there are some women out there whose panties get a little wet at the aforementioned scenario – approximately one third, if you believe in anthropologist Carole S. Vance’s “One-Third Rule”, which supposes that when an erotic image is presented to a group of women, one-third of them will find it disgusting, one-third will find it ridiculous, and one-third will find it hot – but I regrettably am not one of them.

Another reason why audiences might turn to laughter at the trying-to-be sexy moments is that engaging this seemingly naughty act with a group of friends instills an elementary school level of giddiness attained when skipping school together for the first time. Male strip clubs provide a relatively safe environment for women to play the role of the desirer, whether that makes them uncomfortable or not.

In her interesting review of the film, Tracy Clark-Flory of Salon.com pondered whether male strippers were a bit too in need of being desired, rather than doing the desiring that supposedly turns straight women on. “Men objectifying themselves is feminizing,” she notes, quoting journalist Susannah Breslin, especially when they choose to do so in a traditionally female-dominated industry.


Photo by Markus Mueller

I was hanging out at my place earlier this week, drinking some beers with three of my heterosexual male friends when the topic of motorboating came up. Two of the guys regrettably admitted they’d never enjoyed the sweet pleasure of “pushing one’s face in between two ample breasts, and rocking one’s head side to side very rapidly while making a vigorous, lip-vibrating ‘brrr’ sound”. While the third had tried it, he wasn’t so enthused about it.

“They’re just boobs,” he lamented. “They’ve got nothing on a sweet, juicy ass that you can grab hold of and hang on to for the ride.”

While it may seem somewhat crude to break male to female attraction down into such a simple binary, it is undeniable that people are attracted to particular aspects of a prospect’s physique. It seems that when given the choice, most men would ultimately declare themselves as either a tit-man or an ass-man. Since many men develop their sexual desires and quirks in their teenage years and tend to remain relatively rigid in regards to what turns them on, and if the Internet is a mirror of what men like, the majority reach for the mammaries.

According to Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, authors of “A Billion Wicked Thoughts”, breasts, regardless of the size, are the most popular body part in sexual searches in every country from the United States to Saudi Arabia. Breasts account for about 4% of all sexual searches on the conglomerate search engine Dogpile, placing them fourth above MILFs (4.27%), gay (4.7%) and youth (13.54%). Butts came in at number 21 with 0.9% of all searches. The only other body parts to crack the top 100 were vaginas (2.82%), penises (2.41%), feet (0.24%) and testicles (0.05%), while other breast and butt-related topics were often searched like spanking (0.52%) and lactation (0.03%).

So what exactly makes a nice pair of breasts so special, and wherein lies the male fascination with them? Every guy I’ve ever posed the question to has answered in a similar manner – because we don’t have them.

The bias towards titties is unsurprising, given their prominence in the worlds of advertising and popular culture. Maybe their inherent appeal lies in the fact that they are the first food source for many of us, thus the positive reinforcement is made at a very young age.

I myself always thought my boobs were my best physical feature – an average-sized C cup, a decent handful, a really nice squeeze. I’ve never really understood the fascination with a nice ass. If I were a dude, I’d totally be a tit-guy. I mean, a nice ass is a nice ass, but in my mind it certainly doesn’t beat a nice rack.

Some men argue that you just can’t trust tits, given contemporary advancements in the field of water bras and silicone implants. When you see a girl in a pair of body-hugging jeans or prancing around in a lacy thong, there’s very little room for deception… at least until rear end-padded shapewear or butt-lifts really take off.

“Plus, chicks don’t know when you’re checking out their ass like they do when you’re checking out their rack,” chimed in my male friend.

But who’s to say you can’t have both? Or, why bother reducing someone to their most “attractive” quality in the first place??

So readers out there, are you a tit-guy or an ass-guy and why? Wherein lies the appeal of the boobies or the badonkadonk??


Photo credit – from a German advertising campaign, spotted at here.