Panelists Der Kosmonaut, Cem Ertekin and Jerry Gabriel discuss the Mayday March protests and the violent police reaction in downtown Montreal, an update on the US Primary elections, Prince leaving us too soon and Peter Sergakis’ lawsuit against Peter McQueen. Plus the Community Calendar and Predictions!

Host: Jason C. McLean
Producer: Hannah Besseau
Production Assistant: Enzo Sabbagha


Cem ErtekinFTB Contributor and Managing Editor

Der Kosmonaut: Poet, writer, spoken word artist, DJ and blogger at The Adventures of Der Kosmonaut

Jerry Gabriel: Podcast regular and FTB Contributor

* Reports by Hannah Besseau

Microphone image: Ernest Duffoo / Flickr Creative Commons

On November 29, thousands of people gathered at Place du Canada to protest the austerity measures proposed by the Liberal government. The anti-austerity demonstrators marched on Avenue Rene-Levesque, from Rue Metcalfe all the way to Rue de la Montagne, from there they moved up to St. Catherine. The march ended at Place des Festivals.

The march was organized by Confédération des syndicats nationaux, following a grand advertising campaign under the motto: “Refusons l’austérité!” The PLQ government has built up on the budget cuts imposed on Quebec universities under the PQ government; however, the cuts have started to affect more than students. Social and health services will also be affected by the cuts, which is why students and social workers alike marched together.

One group of demonstrators broke off from the main group, calling for a mass strike in Spring 2015. The Comité Large Printemps 2015 has been attending and organizing multiple direct action demonstrations, and it seems that they will continue to do so until Spring 2015. Does it smell like maple to you, too?


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