Jason C. McLean and Special Guest Dawn McSweeney go through the week’s big news stories: Quebec Premier François Legault injects himself into the campus “free speech” debate and considers restricting English school enrollment. What Montreal events and festivals will go online in 2021 and which will happen in person? Ted Cruz leaves Texas freezing. Justin […]

Quebec’s COVID-19 infection numbers are dropping, but according to Premier François Legault, new variants of the virus and Spring Break coming up mean the province will only be rolling back restrictions slightly. In a late afternoon press conference, the Premier, joined by Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and Social Services and National Public Health Director […]

It’s official: As of last week, the Proud Boys are a terrorist organization according to the Canadian Government. Last Wednesday, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair added the group, along with 12 others including two neo-Nazi groups, to the Federal Government’s list of terrorist organizations on Wednesday. This was due, in part, to pressure from Federal […]

Mylène Chicoine is no stranger to horror. She founded Festival de la Bête Noire as a way to share what helps her to de-stress. While some turn to comedy and laughter, for Chicoine and those like her, it’s horror and horror-themed art that allow them a form of catharsis, freeing themselves from their demons by […]

Jason C. McLean and Dawn McSweeney discuss the federal, provincial and municipal governments’ responses to the COVID pandemic. They cover the curfew, museums re-opening, summer street terrasses, outsourcing benefit service and more. Dawn McSweeney is an author and occasional FTB contributor. Follow her on Twitter @mcmoxy Jason C. McLean is the Editor-in-Chief of forgetthebox.net Follow […]