They say that a single photo is worth a thousand words, and 2014 has been a year of many photos!

To celebrate the new year, here’s a review of the old one through the lenses of FTB’s photographers.

Enjoy this beautiful gallery that will show to you 2014 in photos!

2014 in Photos

Click on the photo above to open the gallery. Big thanks to Bianca Lecompte, Jesse Anger, Gerry Lauzon, Chris Zacchia, Melanie Renaud, and Bree Rockbrand for these brilliant photos. 

Here’s to hoping that we’ll have even greater photos in the brand new year of 2015!

Thousands of species of butterflies and moths have taken over the Montreal Botanical Garden’s Main Exhibition Greenhouse. A group called Space for Life brought them here for what they’re calling Butterflies Go Free.

The event runs until April 27th. FTB’s Catalin had a chance to check it out and brings us these photos (click on the first image to see the gallery):